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An idealistic knight of the Circle of Light, Wing is neutral Cybertronian who shunned choosing a faction in the Great War in deference to a way of life that valued honor, charity and peace. He is a warrior 'philanthropist', a lover of life who knows that taking it is still sometimes necessary. Though kind, lighthearted and sometimes cheeky, Wing is also steadfast in his values to the point of defying the rules in order to do what's Right. Helping another is the highest calling one can aspire to.

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There was darkness. Only darkness. Or were his optics offline? Like eyes closed to the truth. He doesn't remember what happened last, where he was. He must be safe in his berth right? A simple little courier jet, performing his assigned function like everyone else, a cog in the wheel of this once great society. He was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The conflict these days? It was between the elite and the oppressed, he had no quarrel. Didn't he? It was someone else's fight, someone with skill and resources and connections.

The war would never touch him, that was something that happened to other people.

Didn't it?

The waking and surreal world continued to do a eerie dance as Wing faded in and out of consciousness, on the edge of stasis lock, until a blinking yellow light cames into his world. After a few seconds, his systems finally rebooted and his HUD came alive, vision filling with a spill of red errors and damage reports. That's when the pain hit him, sensornet awake and alive to agony. And then he heard someone screaming, his own voice, echoing around a small, rock strewn cave.

No...not a cave. Not rock. Plasticrete and metal. The remains of a large building, collapsed around him. Then he remembered the explosion. And the package...the one he delivered. The one with the strange manifest. The manifest he didn't have the skill to detect a forgery, the one he trusted his supervisor who said it was safe. He'd never lie to Wing....

The small space echoed then with a low moan then: despair, regret and pain mingled into one sound, hopeless, feeling not only the weight of countless tons of debris over him but countless lives as well, every spark in that building before it blew...

It's then that he relived parts of his young life: carefree, watching the starships come and go from the Ibex spaceport, dreaming; or simply carrying out his simple life without question, without acting on his doubt, his desire to do more, be more. Wing felt unworthy of it now, not opulent but still a fairer life than some had. Does he even deserve to live now? To fly again?

The light of one yellow optic guttered, illuminating the shipping bay floor beneath his cheek with dying light. And just when he was ready to pass, to give in to that grief and despair, the tick of falling dust and debris roused him again; thin slivers of light breaking through the rubble, growing larger by steps until Wing could hear voices shouting, calling to one another. And then a hand, dark gray with a bright red band, touching his wrist. And a voice from the light, a figure with white plating, brilliant against the darkness...

"Don't give up friend, we'll get you out of here. Don't give up."
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((Want to message Wing directly? Just make a post here. Action spam or prose is welcome, though be clear if it's text, audio or video; and include in the header if relevant to a particular game.))

You've reached Wing. Terribly sorry to have missed you, but do leave a message, I'd be pleased to get back to you as soon as possible.

If this is an emergency and someone requires immediate aid, please ping personal comm channel CLV-W429, I will respond if within range.

Thank you, and be well!
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Age: ~4.5 million (minimum, possibly older)
Weight: About 2 tons?
Height:  Approx15-17 feet or same as Drift, average for a ground mode.
Gender: N/A with physical hermaphroditic traits. (Male if IDW really IS going with the binary model)
Affiliation: Circle of Light (a neutral religious faction)
Altmode: Jet (presumably, it's never seen in canon)
Weapons: Great Sword on back, plasma blade grips magna-clamped to the small of his back. (hard to see under the wings though)
General First Impressions: Graceful, agile and light on his feet as mechs go, moves like a trained fighter to those who would recognize such things. Generally calm and contemplative when at rest, open, polite and friendly in demeanor when interacting with others unless given a reason to be otherwise. Can be quite stern when it's called for. Very emotive, he doesn't hide his emotions well. The pinions that flank his shoulder nacelles can be quite mobile with his mood and the flight panels of his wings on his back as well.

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OOC Information
Player Name: Sarah or ladyofdragons
Player Age: 37
Player Contact: [ profile] ladyofdragons or PM this journal
Player/Character HMD: HMD is here.
Other characters in game: None.

IC Information
Character Name: Wing
Character Canon: Transformers IDW comics
Character Age/Gender: Adult, (~4.5 million years old)/hermaphrodite
Canon Point: Middle of Issue 2 of the Transformers: Drift mini-series. Wing has rescued Deadlock/Drift from the slavers, brought him to Crystal City and seen to his repairs. The Decepticon is now his charge and Wing has issued a challenge: that if he wants to return to the war, he must defeat Wing in hand-to-hand combat.
Character Canon History: Wing's TF Wiki page.
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  • 01: Exploration log with Drift and Vandal, plus Barricade and First Aid.
  • 07: Sideswipe and Wing argue about the war.
  • 01: Ultra Magnus returns from cathood and Wing is relieved.
  • 02: Sideswipe arrives and Wing greets him.
  • 06: Vandal HATES bugs. (February event) 
  • 08: Answering Megatronus's call for aid. (February event)
  • 11: Joining Megatronus's forces to fight back against the terrorpede invasion. Pre-battle threads with SaberDrift and Elita. Later, being present at the battle and fighting alongside Drift. (Feruary event)
  • 12: Greeting Commander Shepard and starting Orientation.
  • 13: NSFW. Drift and Wing spend Valentine's Day doing some very special things.
  • 15: Dance announcement when Wing chats with Drift, Vandal and Saber.
  • 17: First Contact with White Knight.
  • 18: Wing trying to figure out the Lightning Tag equipment and offering flight tours.
  • 22: Formal Dance threads with: McCrane, Kagerou, Sideswipe, Barricade, Kay Faraday, Shepard, Mirage, Drift.
  • 01: Cho Hakkai arrives wounded, Wing comes to take him to medibay atfer Saber does some first aid. (He's had his cockpit for two weeks and he's already ruining the upholstery.)
  • 01: Four and Wing play pirates in the Junk Pile.
  • 02: Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus are a handcuffed together.
  • 02: Starscream notices Jetfire is gone, Wing does his best to make good on his promise.
  • 02: Optimus Prime recieves an inappropriate gift and asks about Megatron's portal project.
  • 02: Hudson arrive and has curious things to say.
  • 02: Ironhide punches Alpha Trion in front of the whole Link, Wing is mildly appalled.
  • 02: Vandal admits her interest in Drift, Wing and Perceptor, and wants to know where she stands. (multiple threads)
  • 03: Drift is taking his troubles out on rocks.
  • 05: First Aid has a memorial pyre setup for the Glyphless. Wing offers to handle Misfire and Fulcrum's and asks to help with Megatron's along with Drift and Thundercracker. He also agrees to speak some words in memorial.
  • 12: Wing goes on sabbatical/'walkabout' and leaves messages for a few people.
  • 15: Ambulon is concerned because Drift's disappeared, Wing is on his way back from his 'walkabout'.
  • 16: Wing returns from Sabbatical and finds Drift missing. (January Event)
  • 22: Ravage gets injured by Terrorpedes and Wing comes to the rescue with Glit.
  • 22: Wing trying to keep Drift from wandering off during one of his blackouts. (January event)
  • 24: Starscream sends Wing a drunken message.
  • 29: Knock Out sees to Wing wounds from his 'walkabout'.
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  • 04: Wing joins the Brave Police to search the Badlands for the missing Deckerd.
  • 06: Wing and Soundwave announce the completion of phase one of Haven's Hub: the bar!
  • 13: Drift must travel to the Badlands for Liege Maximo but has something special to tell Wing first.  \o/ So much schmoop!
  • 21: Wing joins Thundercracker for some joyriding in the sky.
  • 21: Drift wants to talk about Unicron and what's happening in Haven.
  • 23: Wing and Vandal get very, very, very drunk. Hilarity ensues.
  • 24: Drift, Wing and Vandal in the fluffiest log ever.
  • 28: Wing gets lots underground along with Jetfire, Blurr and a lurking Starscream. Occurs during the Overlord event.
  • 29: Wing visits Perceptor in the medibay after he's rescued from Overlord.
  • 30: Wing (and Soundwave) open the bar as a sanctuary for people during the Calling.
  • 30:  Open log for the above.

  • 02: Drift and Wing invite all the newcomers (glyphless) to Haven's Hub.
  • 05: Meet and Greet for Glyphless. Including Vandal and Drift's intervention plus chatting with Kagerou, Ultra Magnus, Chieftain, TFP Optimus Prime, Kay, IDW Starscream, Swerve, IDW Megatron, Four and Rodimus.
  • 18: Wing announces shelter/lodging for the glyphless, asks for science consultation on Megatron's portal and asks Jetfire for help with his cockpit modification.
  • 22: Wing witnesses Vector Prime's fight with Ramjet the Unicronian, then tends his woulds with Blurr and Drift.

  • 01: Fulcrum asks a favor of Wing, to return her RIG to her once she's found.
  • 02: TFP Ratchet makes his back from the Badlands.
  • 02: Drift wants to sacrifice himself to Tarn to get intel, Wing and Ambulon stop him.
  • 03: Discussing Pharma and Tarn with McCrane.
  • 03: Rodimus 'requesting' Drift's presence so he can leave Haven. Drift also says goodbye to Wing.
  • 06: Ultra Magnus announces the death of Drift and Rodimus. Wing goes to retrieve Drift's body, says a eulogy for Rodimus and hugs Magnus.
  • 06: Megatron starts to lose control.
  • 07: Fulcrum asks Wing to see to Misfire's body.
  • 07: Wing says goodbye to Megatron.
  • 07: Drift dies and Wing is hit with the backlash through his old bond to his former Great Sword. 
  • 08: Wing performs death rites on Drift's body and is visited by Thundercracker, Gunmax and The Doctor. Drift later wakes up.
  • 11: Blurr passes out on the Link after finishing the graveyard, Wing expresses concern.
  • 11: Wing speaks up on the Link about the search for Vandal. Ultra Magnus breaks down over his involvement in killing several of his glyphless crewmates including Rodimus.
  • 12: Drift wants to go the Badlands and Wing doesn't take it so well.
  • 12: Wing discusses his death experience with Rung, and the difficulties it causes with, well, certain things.
  • 14: Megatronus Prime announces that there will be repercussions for killing any of the Marked. He and Wing talk about bring back the dead.
  • 15: Thundercracker questions his faction.
  • 15: Prism broadcasts his torture of Vandal, Wing, Drift and Soundwave gather forces and rescue her. (various threads)
  • 16: Wing visits Vandal in Medibay after she's rescued from Prism.
  • 17: Visiting Vector in Solus's Medibay and telling stories.
  • 18: Some hurt/comfort with Drift in the caves near Vector's. 
  • 21: Vandal wants to go caroling for Christmas. Wing can't say no and begs Drift to share the embarassment.
  • 26: Magnus has a new turbofox and a hammer. Wing tries to convince him to keep the turbofox and offers him some weapons training with the hammer. They discuss the impact of his relationship with Rodimus; Magnus is feeling the winds of changes.
  • 26: Perceptor gains a pet owl.
  • 26: Drift recieves a gift, Gasket's severed hand, and Wing goes to comfort him.
  • 29: Jetfire has a mission to go on and ask Wing for a favor: make Starscream doesn't do anything stupid.
  • 30: Christmas with Vandal, Drift and Perceptor. Vandal is the first person to try out Wing's cockpit addition.
  • 30: Kagerou asks for guidance on Alpha Trion's offer to become an initiate.
  • 31: Skids meets Wing.
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This is headcanon I developed for the Lost Pages event at Re/Aligned back in...August 2012? Finally posting it! XD

At his core SG!Wing is a self-serving, self-centered individual. All others are simply pieces in a game, some useful to him, some not. Some good to ally with, some simply as toys for his entertainment. Other players in then game he tries to manipulate to gain control of or at least 'allegiance' with, while pawns he plays with in whatever way suits his fancy.

He really doesn't forms bonds (when he does they are NOT healthy) or appreciate people for who they are, only what they can do for him. Therefore he has no true friends to speak of. Admirers, lovers, allies, supplicants, thralls and of course enemies yes, but no friends.

I'll hit a few of the dominating personality points below... )
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Name/Alias: Sarah/ladyofdragons
Plurk: [ profile] ladyofdragons
AIM/Gtalk: By request
PM: This Account
Notes about contact: Plurk or PMs are best, I'm pretty haphazzard about using IM.
When I tag the most: My work schedule is sporadic and I am also a part-time caregiver for my aging parents, so I take whatever tagging opportunities I can get. More a morning person than a night owl though.

In all things, if in doubt, just ask! I'm pretty chill in general and only bite by request!

Age: Character and player are 21+.
Backtagging: By all means, yes!
Threadhopping: Depends on the conversation, but in general yes, just be open to retracting if asked. The exceptions are when it's in the middle of a one-on-one thread and they're already deep in conversation. And of course locked/private conversations unless your character has a reason to (and the ability) to hack. Ask permission then!
Fourthwalling: Depends on the subject, generally okay except within his own canon.
Offensive subjects: Cussing, innuendo and general inappropriateness is all welcome. I can't think of anything that would come up in a PG-13 game that I couldn't deal with.
Roleplay style preferred: I tend to lean towards prose since if feels far more natural than action spam, but action spam has its own appeal too so I'm open to both. I can be very meta heavy regardless of style. I'm also a slow tagger in general, so don't take delays as a sign of disinterest. If it seems like I've missed a tag though, feel free to give me a poke!

Hugging this character: Sure, Wing is a very physically expressive character and hugs are grand!
Kissing this character: Go for it, friend or foe alike, though consequences will vary. ;3 If the latter, expect a physical response that isn't reciprocation. ;)
Flirting with this character: Sure. As above, reactions will vary, but in general he'll take it as playful compliment.
Fighting with this character: Yes, as long Wing has a chance to fight back. Feel free to start something spontaneously, we can always discuss general expectations afterwards.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure, anything minor/cosmetic is fine, beyond that is likely fine too but please discuss with me first so I know what's coming.
Killing this character: Possibly! But let's plot first. ;)
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This is a work-in-progress and is subject to change.

Canon makes no reference to Wing's altmode but it's fairly easy to make some logical presumptions and then extrapolate from there. Cybertronian designations are always reflective of the character in some way, so it's no surprise that Wing would be considered an airframe, and one that excels at flying. We never see him transform in canon but it's assumed that he can, and given his kibble it's also assumed he's a jet. In my personal estimation of what kind of jet he is, I could easily and concisely summarize him as the hummingbird of jets, thanks to size, speed, maneuverability and ability to withstand heavy g-forces.


Given that Wing is the same size as Drift in root mode, he's small for a jet, about 2/3s the size of the average seeker like Starscream. This affords him several advantages (smaller target, lighter/faster, easier to maneuver) at the cost of some disadvantages, (small payload/cockpit, less armaments, turbulence prone).


In canon, Starscream proclaims he and the other seekers can do mach 3, (Megatron Origon #3). Given the size of Wing's engine nacelles in relation to his overall mass, particularly compared to bigger, bulkier seekers with equal or smaller engine mass, he must be capable of equal or even greater speeds. (Granted tech level and engineering might make a difference, but we know that Crystal City is comparable--if different--to mainstream Cybertronian tech thanks to Perceptor's assessment in the Drift Spotlight.)

Wing is likely only moderately armored, a compromise between being a melee fighter who needs the protection and an airframe who needs less weight. Wing also has no ranged weaponry thanks to firearms being forbidden among the Circle's Knights. (He possibly had light weaponry before joining, since it seems to be a thing that comes standard for many Cybertronian vehicle modes? Undecided on this though.) Lack of weapons also makes for a speed advantage due to less weight compared to fliers with weapons systems. Wing tends not to advertise this fact as most other fliers would consider it a deficiency, (he'd rather not be seen as an easy target).

Maneuvering and Aerial Combat

What he gives up in firepower and armor he makes up for in maneuverability. Similar to his melee fighting style, evasion and tactical maneuvering are his key defensive strategies when fighting in the air. He is quick and agile, able to cut turns, bank sharply and perform double-backs far better than larger, heavier aircraft. He frequently enjoys stunt flying and aerial acrobatics.

His transformation is quick, allowing him to shift to root mode and attack opponents in mid-air with his energy blades, leaping short distances between them, and returning to altmode when needed. This gives him the flexibility to bring a variety of tactics to bear when engaging in mid-air combat--including using gravity and jet-born momentum to his advantage--even if he cannot engage in classic dogfights. (This is one of several types of martial combat he received training in from the Circle.)

In canon we see him extend his wings and use small thrusters on his back while in root mode, so it's a safe assumption that he has flight capability in root mode, though limited compared to his altmode. I believe the pinions on his shoulder nacelles help with maneuverability in root mode, same as the blades on his arms and knees. The audial flares on his helm carry the same sensor suite as his wings do, and are better situated to collect data when flying in root mode.

Frame Design (Now we get into the pure headcanon parts.)

Wing likely has grav thrusters on his belly for take off and landing, similar to those seen on Cybertronian hover cars. His nacelles provide forward power and he uses a vectored thrust system to maneuver. In tight spaces he has secondary thrusters that aid in maneuvering, (We know he has at least two in root, it makes sense they be useful in alt as well). He has simple landing struts for when he needs to be stationary on the ground in altmode. He never had need for a true cockpit, but he did have a small amount of storage/cargo space instead. (more on this later in his pre-war history as a courier.)

I also like to think he has variable wing design, effectively giving his altmode a configuration that has good stability and maneuvering at slower speeds but a more swept configuration for high speed travel. I imagine the shift being most effective at supersonic speeds (Mach 1+). (The seekers in WoC have something similar to this, except that they shift between a hover mode and a flight mode.) Wing can hover and has general VTOL capabilities (which seems fairly common for Cybertronian jets), but it's inferior to a rotary's (not fuel efficient nor as precise).

He's the only flier we see in all of IDW with a complex folded wing design in root mode, so I suspect this is either a very old or very new engineering development, possibly one of the advancements made by Crystal City frame engineers. In an underground city where space is likely at a premium and quarters might be tight, folded panels would be a reasonable and beneficial development. This does mean his pre-war root mode would not have had folded wing panels though, so I'm still deciding on if I want to 'officially' adopt this as headcanon because it's hard to imagine him without them!


Thanks to Hellkitty (HK) for the aerial melee idea and to Re/Aligned for putting Wing in a situation where I had to think about it!

I've attempted to base this as strongly off canon as I can (where possible) and real world aeronautics/physics/science to a degree (we all know how much Transformers complies to the laws of physics, LOLWHUT) though I'm sure there things I've missed. Feedback, constructively stated, is welcome. ^_^
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Or perhaps "flying" is more appropriate? XD

I love feedback! My RP background is mostly tabletop RPGs and some forum/chat/Tumblr RP in recent years. I only started the DW style of RP in Fall of 2012 so by ALL means if I still have things to learn please educate me!

I did some time studied at art school so constructive critique is a way of life. I WOULD love to hear both:

What could be improved! - Tell me what's lacking, what could be tweaked, or any other tips you have for a better RP experience with me! NO suggestion is TOO small!

What I'm doing right! It's good to know what I shouldn't change! Knowing what's good validates and helps motivate the desire to do better and also creates the foundation on which to build the things that -do- need improvement.

Okay let's here it! Communication is a powerful tool so let's use it! :D

~Sarah aka ladyofdragons  ~<3
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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Sarah/ladyofdragons
*Age: 37
*Characters already in the game:N/A

Character Information
*Character Name: Wing
*Character Canon: Transformers IDW
*Age: Adult, (~4 million years old?)
*Race: Cybertronian
*Timeline/Pull Point: Drift mini-series, issue 4, at the moment of Braid's death strike. I'd like the timing to be such that his spark chamber is ruptured but he falls through the Lambda before the strike can fully destroy it. Since the Lambda repairs all injuries this saves it from being fatal. Essentially I'd like to give the character as close to a near death experience as possible, something he can reflect on later.

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